PawnPower Numbers Assistant

  PawnPower is a desktop application specifically designed to analyze the US Powerball lottery. This flexible tool can provide valuable insights on what to include and what to exclude from your Pick Numbers. While many people believe that a truly random process is beyond predictability, we will show that as we look closer at the winning numbers data, patterns begin to emerge. By analyzing the drawings data from the past, as well as any random numbers collection, we can disclose inherent biases and naturally occuring patterns that can guide you to the numbers that are most likely to come up in the near future. While we might not have the ability to predict every aspect of this chaotic process, we can take advantage of these biases and natural patterns to make qualified decisions about how the process will most likely evolve over a relatively short time frame. As in predicting the weather, even the best in the field are not 100% accurate, but many times you can see it coming if you have the means to observe the system.

 If you are scientifically minded, you will appreciate the Charts and Analysis Scans that make it possible to see where the numbers are headed. If you are numerically creative, the flexible tools allow you to develop your own strategies. For those of us who are less creative in analytics, the Automated Pick Numbers modules can harness the complexities of the analysis and distill the reams of data to a suggested list of Pick Numbers where the only required input from us is the number of Picks to generate. This application runs on Windows 7 SP1 and up and is designed for desktop and laptop computers. There are currently no applications for smaller mobile devices.

  Every module in this program has a dedicated Help section that spells out the details in an easy to comprehend, live session. No reduced, fuzzy reproductions. The Help modules use a live instance of the running program and pace through the module in an animated fashion to make every module genuinely intuitive.

  This program is available initially as a 60 day free trial. Download it... Try it... You have 60 days to discover how you can benefit by playing the lottery scientifically before deciding if you want to keep this tool in your arsenal. Click the More Details button below for an in-depth look at the program's logic, strategies and more.