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Powerball Play-Slips

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  Select your state from the Drop-Down List below to display the currently stored version of the Play-Slip for your state. Compare the image to your state's current Play-Slip and, if they are identical, click the Download button to download the Play-Slip.

  This digital image is made available for those who prefer to process the Play-Slip files for themselves rather than download the data files that PawnPower uses to print your picks directly on your Play-Slips. To update these files automatically from within the PawnPower program, go to the UTILITIES menu and click on DOWNLOADS and then DOWNLOAD STATE GRAPHICS.

  If the Play-Slip pictured here is incorrect or obsolete, please let us know by clicking the "Feedback" button at the top of this page. You can assist us by sending a current Play-Slip for your state, and we can assist you by returning a processed image and the supporting data files that allow you to print your Picks directly on your state's Play-Slip. You will also be helping many others as that Play-Slip is made available to everyone else in your state.

*  Powerball is a trademark of the MultiState Lottery Association
PawnPower and Randomware LLC have no affiliation with the Multistate Lottery Association or any State Lottery