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Frequently Asked Questions

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1 Are there program updates? 1
1 There are updates from time to time. In your running PawnPower app, if the little yellow message box is showing at the lower left of the Main Menu page, you can click on it to start up the Downloads module. This box is only visible when your History records need to be updated. If it is not showing, you can also go to the UTILITIES menu and click on DOWNLOADS. Then click on DOWNLOAD HISTORY / UPDATES. Once the Downloads module is showing, you'll notice two check boxes; one for downloading the History File and another for Software Updates. The DRAWINGS HISTORY check box should be checked if you receive your History updates from PawnPower. If you want to receive software updates, make sure the SOFTWARE UPDATES check box is also checked. Now when you click the Download button, your History file is updated and if there are software updates available, you'll be prompted to install those as well. By default, both of these boxes are checked. You are free to change these settings if you choose. 12
2 How long has the pawnpower app been available? 1
2 Although it has been long in the making, it has only been available to the public since late 2021. It was originally created as a personal tool for the author. As the project grew, Help pages were added to enable anyone to use the app without requiring an instructor to explain the various modules. There was a beta version available through the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 to help sort out bugs. We're looking for some real success stories related to the use of this program, but it has not been on the market long enough for us to hear about any significant real life experiences. 11
3 What are the odds of a jackpot win with this program? 1
3 ~ Used manually, it is literally impossible to hang a hard figure on the odds benefit as it is dependent on your own strategies. Off the top, we can say that the Activity Listing module when used in conjunction with the Activity Patterns module can easily offer a 4 fold improvement to your odds without even making an effort to be selective about the actual ball numbers that you choose. If you follow the advice in the Help pages, those gains are compounded when your strategy includes input from both the Activity Line Graph and the Patterns Line Graph. By the time you distill your data through the Distribution Patterns modules, it would be very conservative to say that you can improve your odds 20 fold through the coherent use of these modules. Combine that with the insights you gain through the Analysis modules and you can make a $2.00 smart play carry the weight of $60.00 worth of Quick Picks. As for the Automated Picks module, the system uses those same modules internally to narrow the search for promising Picks, so generally were talking about the same benefit. There are a number of methods used within this module, and the order in which each method is employed is selected randomly. This is to prevent every user of this program from generating the exact same sequences of Pick numbers (although there would be many similarities). It would be a rude awakening to select a winning set of Picks just to find out that you need to share the winnings with thousands of PawnPower users who also generated the same set of Pick numbers. This random order selection complicates an already overly complex question about the actual improvement to your odds. Our local authority is biased, and stands at an estimated 20 to 30 fold improvement in odds. To get a fair evaluation, we attempted to recruit a sampling of outside mathematics professionals and professors during the development of this project to give us an unbiased assessment or opinion as to the actual odds benefit this app would bestow to the serious user. Of course, we did not receive 100% cooperation. From those that took the time to examine the application, we received a wide variety of responses. Their figures ranged from a four-fold improvement to a 30 fold improvement. It is a controversial topic. 14
4 My computer crashed. How can I get pawnpower back ? 1
4 If you have only replaced a hard disk, you should be able to download your registration data from the PawnPower website. First install the trial version of PawnPower (available at the DOWNLOAD link at the top of this page) on your new disk. If you are a registered member, start the app and go to the UTILITIES menu. Click on MY DATA and then on RESTORE REGISTRATION ID. The program will retrieve and install your existing registration data. You'll be good to go. If you have replaced your Operating System software or other major hardware components of your system, such as a motherboard, or if the above procedure doesn't solve the issue, go to the UTILITIES menu and click on MY DATA and then TRANSFER REQUEST. This module will generate an ID number for your computer. Make sure that the Name and E-Mail fields are the same as they were when you registered with PawnPower originally. Click the SUBMIT button and your data will be sent to PawnPower. An e-mail will be dispatched to your e-mail account for verification. Included in this message is an access code which you can input in the UTILITIES / MY DATA / SUBMIT ACCESS CODE module. The process will submit your new ID number to PawnPower and you'll be back in business. If your e-mail address has changed since you initially registered, and you have not updated your personal data with PawnPower, there will not be a valid e-mail address on file at PawnPower and no way to contact you. In this case, you'll need to contact us at for assistance. This scenario can be avoided by updating your E-Mail address with PawnPower when your e-mail address changes, which can be done in the UTILITIES menu under MY DATA / MY PROFILE. 15
5 Trial program quit before the 60 days were up. 1
5 There are a few scenarios that can cause the 60 day trial version to become disabled. For example, the number of times the program will run during the trial period is limited to 600 sessions. Also, altering the system date on your computer can trigger a shutdown of the trial app. These are just a couple of the methods used to over see the limited time free trial period. Please contact us through the Support link at the top of this page and give us a few details about what you're looking at when you start the program, including any displayed error codes. We can get you up and running again quickly. 16
6 How can I change the name that shows on the splash screen at start up. 1
6 Go to the MY DATA module under the UTILITIES menu. Click MY PROFILE. Here you can change your display name. If you are a registered member, this process is also used to apply changes to the name and e-mail address for your account with PawnPower. It is important to update your e-mail address with PawnPower when it changes as this is how you are identified in the Registration process. If you need to transfer your registration to a new computer, your current e-mail address must be on file for the transfer to be applied quickly & easily. You can not change your e-mail record with PawnPower from the new computer. 13
7 Does this app apply to Powerball Australia ? 1
7 There are no provisions in this program to play the Australian Powerball lottery, although this app would benefit players in Australia that participate in the US Powerball lottery though an online lottery messenger service. 18
8 Why is the display cut off at the bottom? 1
8 This program has been designed to fit many display sizes from the current common sizes going back to older common formats. A typical desktop PC may recommend a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a scale of 100% while a Dell Latitude laptop could recommend the same screen resolution with a Scale of 150%. That 'Scale of 150%' will push the display of this app to exceed the boundaries of the screen. We would recommend changing the Scale to 125% to more closely match the typical setup for a desktop unit. In case you're not familiar with how to make these adjustments, minimize all running programs and right click any unoccupied area of your Desktop. Then click on 'Display Settings'. You'll see these settings in the Display window. The smallest display size for this app at a scale of 100%, while still maintaining visibility of the entire page is 1024 x 768 pixels, which is a common format of many older flat panel displays. 19
9 How do I transfer my membership registration to a new computer ? 1
9 You can switch your registration from your old computer to your new computer by following these steps: ~ Use the "Download" link at the top of this page to download the trial version of the PawnPower program to your new computer. ~ Open the PawnPower program and click on "Utilities". ~ In the Utilities menu, click on "My Data". ~ In the pop-up menu, click on "Transfer Request". ~ In the next window, your new computer ID should be displayed. Make sure your name and E-Mail address are entered as they were when you originally signed up with PawnPower, and click the "Submit" button. ~ An email will be dispatched to you to confirm that the Transfer Request originated from you. This prevents others from hijacking your membership. An authorization code is included in this email. Copy this code. ~ In that same "Utilities / My Data" menu click on "Submit Access Code". Paste that code into the form and click "Submit". This will transfer your registration to your new computer and the software will download the new registration authorization to your new computer and you'll be good to go. This process will also remove your original computer from the database as a registered user and the PawnPower software on your old computer will cease to function. 20