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Larry Russo 2024-04-20 I've found that using ball numbers that have low Activity Counters in both the Unsorted and in the Sorted Activity Listing has had the best results in predicting winners for me regardless of the ball number Weights. Also I need to pick only a couple of these for each pick. 1 °
Moderator 2024-04-21 That's the whole idea behind these Sorted and Unsorted modes. If you scan through the Sorted Activity, you'll notice that the Activity Counters update just as they do in the Unsorted mode, so they are valuable insights for which cells have been dormant and for how long, regardless of the ball numbers that happen to be in the cells at that time. Since the activity is generally spread across the spectrum of possibilities, these dormant cells are typically worthy bets. Ball numbers that have exceptionally low Activity Counters in both Sorted and Unsorted modes are typically called the "Best Picks". But you need to exercise some restraint by not selecting all of the Best Picks within the same Pick Number Sequence. 67 @. °
Diane Hill 2023-05-19 I like how your website compares predicting the lottery numbers to the weatherman predicting the weather. "Even the best in the field are not 100% accurate". In my area, they are lucky to predict [the] weather correctly half of the time at best. 1 °
Moderator 2023-05-19 That's funny, Diane, and I agree. The difference between the two is: The weather man needs to strive for 100% accuracy every day where as we need only predict the right Powerball numbers ONE TIME to be extremely successful. 48 @. °
Charles Stapleton 2023-04-08 Why don't you just set up a web app instead of making us download your program. 1 °
Moderator 2023-04-08 'Good point Charles and thanks for bringing that up. Most of the modules in the Pawnpower program have the ability to scroll through the past Powerball records to provide users with a view of which ball numbers and patterns have been winners through out the lottery's history. It's helpful to know how the winning numbers and patterns from the past have accumulated when putting together a strategy of your own. It would take an exceptionally long time to send and receive data between your computer and the Pawnpower server for each page of the results. So in this respect, the issue is performance, or a better user experience. There is also the issue of having quick access to your personal saved files that you have generated while using the app... such as your pick numbers, snapshots of charts and graphs, and collections of 'Pseudo History files'. As a registered user with Pawnpower, the app is yours to keep and does not just represent access to a website app. Compared to many applications, Pawnpower's footprint is relatively small at less that 15MB for the program itself and it downloads quickly. This is miniscule especially considering the size of a typical hard drive. 46 @. °
Pat Derrick 2022-12-05 How do I know your program isn't loaded with viruses? 1 °
Moderator 2022-12-07 Pawnpower is a trusted developer with Microsoft and passes security clearance with the major anti-virus vendors such as McAffee, Norton, Symantec and others but you don't need to take our word for that. Any time you download an executable file from the internet, there is a sequence of events that automatically take place to protect your interests. - The 1st line of defense comes from your browser that connects with the anti-virus vendors to determine if the software you are downloading is listed as safe. Your browser will display a warning if it can not verify the integrity of the source. - Next, starting up a freshly downloaded program on a Windows machine will first connect with Microsoft before running the application to confirm that the software is either within their database of known safe software or has been issued from a trusted software developer. A warning will be displayed if neither of these criteria can be confirmed. This is Microsoft's Defender SmartScreen and is standard on all recent versions of Windows operating systems. - Finally, before the program starts, the software is checked for a digital signature that will verify that the software has not been modified since it was originally published. This confirms that a third party has not tampered with the software or inserted any malicious code. A blue message box showing the publisher's name is displayed for a valid signed application. For software that is not properly signed, a yellow message box appears asking if you want to run a program from an 'Unknown' publisher. Although the software may be safe, and not raise any flags with your anti-virus provider, I still would not run any program where the publisher did not sign the app properly. You always have the option to scan the download with your anti-virus software to confirm that it is safe. This information can be confirmed with a quick search on Google. 47 @. °
Tim Webb 2022-07-10 So the plain paper play slips are gone now? I had no problems with them and it was convenient when I didn't have an actual play slip on hand. 1 °
Moderator 2022-07-11 It's unfortunate for all of us that used them, Tim. Pressure from our local State Education Lottery and some strong advice from the Multi-State Lottery Association has compelled us make this change. There is a slightly obscure rule in the MUSL playbook that states... "Retailers shall not permit the use of facsimiles of play slips, copies of play slips, or other materials that are inserted into the terminal's play slip reader that are not printed or approved by the Party Lottery." With the thousands of independent outlets for Powerball, it's not surprising that the employees at the retail outlets are not well versed in the Powerball rules. Obviously, we were unaware of this restriction ourselves. On the bright side, the program is a little more compact without this feature and downloads more quickly. 43 @. °
Alex Whittle 2022-03-12 I am using this app on my laptop and the bottom of each page is cut off. 1 °
Moderator 2022-03-12 This program has been designed to fit many display sizes from the current common sizes going back to older common formats. A typical desktop PC may recommend a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a scale of 100% while a Dell Latitude laptop could recommend the same screen resolution with a Scale of 150%. That 'Scale of 150%' will push the display of this app to exceed the boundaries of the screen. We would recommend changing the Scale to 125% to more closely match the typical setup for a desktop unit. In case you're not familiar with how to make these adjustments, minimize all running programs and right click any unoccupied area of your Desktop. Then click on 'Display Settings'. You'll see these settings in the Display window. The smallest display size for this app at a scale of 100%, while still maintaining visibility of the entire page is 1024 x 768 pixels, which is a common format of many older flat panel displays. 42 @. °
Ian Pembroke 2021-12-06 A lot of the advice in your help pages is just common sense. We don't need a program for that. 1 °
Moderator 2021-12-06 Admittedly, not ALL of us need coaching on basic common sense, although judging by the strategies used by some folks, it's not as common as we may assume. One example is that ball numbers that have not been winners as often as the others do not dominate the winners circle. Typically one or occasionally two of the most likely ball numbers are winners. The fact that just 17% of the Activity Patterns account for 50% of the winning numbers combinations is a stat that could allude anyone that has not studied the numbers history in depth, regardless of their general wisdom. You will in fact need to apply your own common sense when using this app manually as opposed to using the Automated selection process. This application is a tool that allows us to visualize the data and put some hard numbers on assumptions we may have made based on common sense. The Activity LineGraph Analysis module clearly shows that a line on the graph that has been on an incline for 2 drawings has an 88% chance of reversing its direction. The hard numbers are helpful, but you also need a functioning line graph to see it coming, otherwise the stat is useless. 39 @. °
Gene Sexton 2021-09-14 Do you have a program for Mega-Millions? 1 °
Moderator 2021-09-15 Not at this time, Gene. I'm reasonably sure that the only way you'll find the MegaMillions drawings history is in a sorted format. PawnPower jumps through extra hoops to differentiate between a sorted history and a history in its original natural order (the actual order in which the ball numbers were drawn). By not including the natural order, you are essentially cutting your Patterns data in half. You could input the MegaMillions data into PawnPower and the great majority of the modules would function just fine, but unless you created a small app to convert the history text into a format usable by PawnPower, you would need to enter all that data manually. 11 @. °
Jeffery Strom 2021-09-01 How many people have won the jackpot with this program? 1 @. °
Moderator 2021-09-02 We do not ask our members to inform us when they win, although you are free to post your successes right here. 13 @. °
Paul Marsik 2021-07-30 How can I transfer pawnpower to another computer? 1 °
Moderator 2021-07-31 This topic is covered in the FAQ page of this site. Click "FAQ" in the Menu-Bar at the top of this page. 25 @. °
Karen Mossett 2021-07-20 My dad is a high school math teacher. His opinion is the odds of a jackpot win are astronomical no matter what you do. 1 °
Moderator 2021-07-22 Many of us have our methods for trying to slay the beast of 300 million to 1 odds with the Powerball lottery. Some buy 20, 30 or more Picks sequences for a single drawing by sharing the cost with a group of people. This is an effective way to increase your odds of being in the winners circle, even though you'll need to share any winnings among the group. PawnPower is capable of delivering those same odds improvements and better without the need to recruit a group of people. Take the time to go through the Help pages... especially for the Activity Patterns and the Distribution Bar Graph modules. The strategies used in these modules (as well as all of the modules) require only some basic common sense. If you take the time to absorb the logic these modules provide, you will have to agree that there are ways to greatly improve your odds. Exactly how much of an improvement depends on what level you take it to. The Automated Pick Numbers module combines much of the logic found throughout this application and makes it quick and easy to create some smart Picks. It must be said, however... with a 30 fold improvement in your odds, you are still looking at odds of 10 million to 1 for a jackpot win with a single bet. If you typically buy 5 sequences for a drawing, your odds are more like 2 million to 1. 17 @. °
Patrick Dempsey 2021-07-20 Trial program quit running. Reinstall doesn't work either. ??? 1 °
Moderator 2021-07-22 Patrick: There are a few words about this in the FAQ page of this site, but ultimately you'll need to contact us through the Support link at the top of this page. Please include any error codes you are receiving. It's a quick & easy process to get your app running again. 26 @. °
Mike 2021-06-29 Just wanted to say that this is the most sophisticated lottery numbers program I have seen... And I have looked at a lot of them. Thank you for adding some legitimacy to the field lottery numbers pickers. 1 °
Moderator 2021-06-29 Thanks for the positive input Mike. 27 @. °
Jimmy Bigelow 2021-06-22 I just won $100 with this program. Still using the trial version. Awesome !!!! 1 °
Moderator 2021-06-23 Congratulations, Jimmy ! 28 @. °
Carl Jackson 2021-02-28 Can I extend the free trial period? My computer has been in the shop for a while. 1 °
Moderator 2021-03-01 Carl: Yes you can. This is typically handled through the "Support" page on this web site. I'll send you an email with the details. 30 @. °
Todd Giles 2021-01-15 I've used other systems and NEVER had any luck. I'm looking forward to some better results. 0 °
Logan Watkins 2020-11-10 I don't think 60 days is enough time to go through all the help pages. 1 °
Moderator 2020-11-11 Kudos for making the effort, Logan. If you go through the Activity Listing, Activity Patterns and Distribution Bar Graph help sections, you will have absorbed the most beneficial tips that the program has to offer. Those bits alone make it worth the small investment. After you own the program you have as much time as you need to peruse as many other help pages as you like. 18 @. °
Mark Buckner 2020-09-25 Too complicated! Takes all the fun out of it. 1 °
Moderator 2020-09-30 By all means Mark, enjoy the game for what it is. This app is intended for those who want to level the playing field a little. It is not for everyone. Although you might consider that one big win could set you up for life, after which you can afford to have all the fun you want. Also consider using the Automated Pick Numbers module. The fully automated version requires only the number of Picks that you want your computer to generate. Your computer does all the work. It could not be easier! 19 @. °
Bob Hill 2020-09-22 It looks like there's some good logic going on with this program. 1 °
Moderator 2020-09-23 Through the Help pages, our attempt is to show the logic behind every module. Anyone who takes the time to explore the Help pages will know exactly what's going on within each module . 'No mysteries & no dubious promises! 20 @. °
Clarence Baughman 2020-08-23 So much of the stuff in the Help pages is beyond me. I just use the automated picks section. 1 °
Moderator 2020-08-25 There's no trade off by using the Automated Picks module for your selections. It is as good as the most astute player would be using the app manually... Not to mention, a whole lot quicker. Personally, I use the Automated Picks module much more just due to my time constraints. 21 @. °
Peyton Blanchard 2020-06-14 I've got new hardware. How do I install my registration on the new device? 1 °
Moderator 2020-06-14 Peyton: Follow the FAQ link at the top of this page. 22 @. °
Ashton Reynolds 2020-04-02 Can I use this app on my Android? 1 °
Moderator 2020-04-03 The amount of information presented in most modules does not lend itself well to such a small display. This program has been designed for Windows desktop and laptop units where the monitor is large enough to allow the user to view the details of the entire page at once. I'd recommend a screen width of at least 7 inches. We currently have no products for the smart phone sized mobile market. 23 @. °
John Modesto 2020-03-17 What are the odds of a jackpot win with this program? 1 °
Moderator 2020-03-18 John: Follow the FAQ link at the top of this page. 24 @. °
Rick Zimmerman 2020-03-05 Why do you require the email field to be completed to post to this page? 1 °
Moderator 2020-03-07 It is the lightest weight security that we could assemble for this resource. We've made every attempt to make access to this little forum as easy as possible by not requiring logins and passwords. Email addresses are required as an attempt to thwart spammers and web bots. This is subject to change if this space becomes a playground for unscrupulous trolls, spammers or other entities. 12 @. °